Well Being



I believe wellbeing refers to our sense of self-awareness, as well as our ability to live our lives as closely as possible to the way we want to. It comprises the abilities to maintain positive relationships, promote healthy living and feel life satisfaction.

Well-being, wellbeing, or wellness is the condition of an individual or group. A higher level of well-being means that, at some level, the individual’s or group’s vibration is closer or above love frequency and full of positive input.

 To accomplish well-being, it is necessary to find a balance, release low-energy emotions (fear, anger and guilt), detach ourselves from negative experiences and live our sexuality in full satisfaction.



Reflections, 2019

Take a moment,

Look at yourself in the mirror.

What do the following statements mean to you?

By changing the perception of our problems,

by confronting the reality, as it is reflected by ourselves on to us.

As we learn to accept who we are, we uncover a sense of responsibility for our own lives.

We begin to shine, to live

We begin…



False. Evidence. Appearing. Real (2018)

Fear means false evidence which appears to be real, and acts as an internal danger alarm. It guides you to take action and make possible, wise and cautious decisions. At the same time, however, we have fear to love, to feel alone, to uncertainties, to be sick, and to die.


From Hot flashes bar to the PMS Lounge APP


Hot Flashes Bar (2005 - 2013)

After becoming surgically menopausal at the age of 33, I found myself going through menopause at the same time as my mother. While talking to her, I realized there was a massive misinformation and secrecy around this matter. Therefore, I decided to create the participatory performance Hot Flashes Bar (2005-2013) to educate women about menopause, and how to handle it in a more relaxed and positive way.

Few years later, reflecting on the effectiveness of Hot Flashes Bar, I considered that it was necessary to create a tool that would facilitate the achievement of tasks or assist people on the subject of menopause. This is how the PMS Lounge App was born, a software application that users could download to their mobile devices or tablets to help them understand and find educational alternatives around menopause. Its content was available in English, Spanish and Italian.


PMS Lounge Application (2015 - 2020)

The PMS Lounge application was a learning tool that allowed the user to navigate the menopause with complete satisfaction, and also to obtain important information on related topics such as andropause (also known as menopause) through content videos produced with a sense of humor, irony and critical impudence.

Interested in exploring a direct experience with users to download the PMS Lounge App, I decided to create an immersive installation similar to a spa station. Objectively, the installation recreated a lounge massage room for the feet as a social presentation tool for PMS Lounge. People while enjoying their therapy, were invited to download and browse the application.

The App was in the market for five years, and it was sponsored by sexual toys brand Lelo. But the audience range for the App wasn’t there yet. In 2015, women between forty-five and seventy didn’t know how to use Apps on a daily basis. The App is not available anymore for either Apple or android platforms. However, The Book of Satisfaction is still available for download.



Let It Go The Best Is Yet To Come, 2013

In 2013, I did the series Let It Go The Best Is Yet To Come. I worked on my emotional attachment to all the memories I left behind in my motherland, Venezuela. I believe that after leaving all my affections behind, the best will come. I decided to symbolically fill old suitcases with my memories and throw them in Virginia Key, located at  Key Biscayne, an island town in Miami-Dade County, Florida. The idea was to let all the pain disappear and start my new life in the United States. I knew that with the feeling of detachment from my past, I was detaching a little bit from myself emotionally and was ready to take a step closer to my future.

After the happening, all the suitcases were removed from the sea to avoid any kind of contamination.

Life Balance


Tipping Point, 2013

For many years, I found myself putting my individual needs and society needs in fair balance, which was the state of equilibrium where I equally prioritize the demands of my career and the demands of my personal life. I pursued a tipping point, a moment when a small change could tip the balance of a system, and bring me happiness.



Take The Load Off, 2015

For a long time, I have been fighting against gender-based violence. With Take the load Off, I invited a group of women from Santa Cruz, Bolivia, to symbolically burn their fears, in order to learn how to stand before life uncertainties and move forward. I tried to raise awareness among women about the issue of femicide, as these women were often submissive, with feelings of guilt and unable to reach their potentials in full.

With the participatory performance Take The Load Off, I was trying to create an organic and live scenography from a ritual, which establishes creative ways from collective transmutation and a deep connection through the sacred, as a path for mental and body healing. The power of burning transforms both those who do it and those who observe it.

“Today, I strip my fears away and I face everything which steals my days, and my health.” Andreina Fuentes Angarita